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quarta-feira, abril 13, 2016

Hello dear, the post today leaves to be desired !!!
So how shouldnt have repardo the title, 'wedding dresses'? What? - Well, I'll explain everything !!
Well, since already, the store I will talk about is the Cocomelody . A dress shop, a shop with 15 years of experience!

Today, I speak as few designer wedding dresses because it was the one I just appreciate the store, are sincerely beautiful dresses !! They have dresses from the simplest to the most refined, the long to short. Well, all genres!
Although beautiful and desired, these dresses are a bit expensive, as well as in any other store ... so I leave also the suggestion of a selection of cheap bridesmaid dresses .These dresses can be used up to other parties, such as proms, public events ...

I leave here already since the coupons of a sales campaign, décorer, hope you like the store above! have a good rest of the week.

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